About Us
The C&H Group – “Growing from Strength to Strength”
In March 1991, a company was born with a vision to distinguish itself with a tradition of service excellence in the property industry of Singapore. Incorporated with the name C&H Realty, the company was led by its visionary Managing Director Albert Lu, who was guided by the four principles that gave him success in his professional life: care, honesty, uprightness and law-abiding. Mr. Lu started to mould the company into a force to be reckoned within the Singapore property market. He also developed a unique culture in the company, where everyone helped each other like family towards achieving mutual success.
Growing from strength to strength, C&H Realty rapidly expanded in six years, spawning a new and separate company called C&H Properties. Incorporated in March 1997, the new company continued the principles set forth by its sister company – only this time with the aim of becoming a listed housing agency with HDB. This strategic move allowed C&H to position its associates effectively in the market, while enhancing their client servicing with the use of ResaleNet.
In 2013, the majority stake of C&H was acquired by Wen Way Investments Pte Ltd, the real estate investment arm of Amer International Group. Wen Way was incorporated in Singapore in 2012 to facilitate regional real estate investment and other real estate related business. With the inclusion of the new partner, we hope for more business opportunities. The C&H Group has since 1991 grown from strength to strength, harnessing its potential to become a strong market leader. In 2021, C&H Group celebrates its 30th anniversary, a milestone any home grown company can be proud of and serves as a platform for the Group to expand further in the real estate industry.

Amer International Group is a Global Fortune 500 company and a leading Chinese conglomerate with diversified interests in the integrated value chain of copper, real estate development as well as various cultural industries such as rosewood furniture manufacturing, landscaping and gardening and white Chinese jade mining. The group was founded by Mr Wang Wen Yin and to-date has grown to a size of about 30,000 employees spread across its offices around the globe. Amer group was ranked 111th in the Global Fortune 500 ranking in 2018 and ranked 29th within China’s top 500 enterprises, illustrating the strong growth over the years.

Our Mission
We strive to become our clients’ trusted professional partners who provide caring, reliable property services to match our clients’ needs and aspirations.
Our Vision
To aim for continuous service excellence and recognition as a responsible and trusted property agency that is one of the bulwarks of honesty and dependability in the property industry of Singapore.
Core Values
Guided by these four Pillars, C&H Values extend towards delivering excellence in service to be one of the best in Singapore’s property industry.
Value Pillars
We CARE – We care not only for our clients but also for the underprivileged in society. We want to contribute to society. We strive to be involved in as many fund raising charity activities as possible.
We are HONEST – We are bound by the truthfulness of our words and actions. Honor is the force that guides our actions and reinforces our relationships with clients and associates.
We are RELIABLE – We hone associates who are driven by the will to deliver the requirements of our clients, everytime. We repay their trust in us with the determination to persevere and succeed in everything we do.
We are LAW-ABIDING – We regard the law as a stringent compass to guide all our actions and dealings. Transparency and above-board transactions are the products of our lawful mindset.