The calculation for the lease stamp duty is as follows:
Where average annual rent (AAR) exceeds $1,000:
a) For lease period of 4 years or less, the stamp duty is 0.4% of the total rent for the period of lease (rounded down to the nearest dollar).
b) For lease period more than 4 years, the stamp duty is 0.4% of 4 times the AAR for the period of the lease (rounded down to the nearest dollar).

The market practice is for the Tenant to pay for the lease stamp duty.

  • Address of SP Services Ltd:
    111 Somerset Road, #01-10
    TripleOne Somerset


     Singapore 238164


  • For enquires – Call 1800 2222333


  • For application:
  • By internet:
  • Go to “Home”
  • Move mouse to “Online Application”
  • Click “Open Utilities Account”
  • Click “Our Business” then “SP Services”.


  • By fax: 63048229
  • Copy of signed SP Services application form
  • Copy of NRIC / Passport / Work Pass / ROC search
  • Copy of Tenancy Agreementor proof of ownership
  • Copy of a completed GIRO application form (if payment is by GIRO)


  • In person: 111 Somerset Road #01-10, TripleOne Somerset or HDB Hub, Podium A, 2nd storey


  • It takes normally 3 working days to connect


  • For City Gas: If piped domestic gas is required apply for gas turn-on at 1800-5551661 for by appointment after opening SP Services account.

Deposit required (for Non GIRO)


  SC/SPR/Co Foreigners
HDB 1/2 RM $60 $120
HDB 3/4/5 RM $100 $200
APTS/SEMI-D $250 $500
BUNGALOW $400 $800
  • For new connection:
  • Tenant can apply at any SingTel shop, Post Office or at Comcentre@31 Exter Road
  • If apply on behalf of Tenant, an authorization letter is required.
  • For locals, the NRIC is required
  • For foreigner, the following are required:
  • Passport/ entry permit
  • Employment Pass/ Work Permit
  • $200/- deposit except for PR or Employment Pass
  • Copy of tenancy agreement or proof of ownership
  • For termination, Landlord or Tenant to call:
  • 1688 (Residential line) OR
  • 1606 (Commercial line)
  • 5 days notice required


Generally a HDB owner is not allowed to be the subtenant of another HDB flat except under the following conditions:

  • HDB flat owners who are divorced/legally separated and only one of the divorced/legally separated parties may be a subtenant.
  • HDB flat owners who are eligible to sublet their whole HDB flat and they must sublet their own flat within 1 month after having rented a flat from another flat owner.
  • HDB flat owners who are eligible to sublet their whole flat but they are not able to sublet their own flat after they move out of their flat as there are other occupiers remaining behind.


It depends on whether your type of business is permitted under the Home Office Scheme. If it is permitted, you can register the private residential property as a home office to conduct a small business subject to the terms and conditions of the Home Office Scheme. Anyone who is the owner, tenant or any authorised occupier of the private residential property can register to operate as a Home Office. Since you are not the owner, you will need the written consent from the owner before you can register for Home Office use. To register, go to “Home”, move mouse to “Online Application” and click “Licences”.

Yes, anybody that is at least 18 years old can sign a tenancy agreement to rent a property in Singapore. However, if you are between 18 years old and 21 years old, you can only sign a tenancy agreement for a lease period of up to 3 years only.

No, you cannot sign a normal tenancy agreement when the lease period (including the option to extend period) exceeds 7 years. The agreement must be in a form of a Deed otherwise it is void and the Deed should be prepared by a lawyer. The maximum lease period (including the option to extend period) for a normal tenancy agreement is 7 years.