China Top 500 Enterprises Award

Congratulations, our parent company – Amer Group – has been awarded the China Top 500 Enterprises.

Amer Group is a transnational company with complete industry chain of 2 industries namely, nonferrous metals and semi-conductor. Amer Group has its global distribution of 3 international headquarters in Europe (Geneva), America (New York) and Asia (Singapore) and with 4 national regional headquarters in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Among the Top 500 Enterprises, 107 reported a revenue over 100 billion yuan of which Amer Group is among them when in 2011, the sales of Amer Group had reached 128 billion yuan.

We are certainly proud of Amer Group.


Promising SME 500 2013 Award

Congratulations, C&H has been awarded the Promising SME 500 2013 (another award for another year).The Promising SME 500 Award is by Small Medium Business Association and the selection guidelines for this prestigious award are based on its remarkable achievement on criteria such as – Leadership, Innovation, Performance, Value and Sustainability.We are honoured to be recognised and would strive on to peak at greatest height!

2012 Successful Entrepreneur Award 

Congratulations, C&H has been awarded the 2012 Successful Entrepreneur Award.

For the essence of the spirit of entrepreneurship, the focus is on its business success and the social consciousness to community. C&H has overcome adversities in our entrepreneurial journey and it’s time to celebrate our triumph.Success is never a destination, but only a journey and we’ll look forward to our future endeavours to reach even higher levels of achievement.